Boomers given a helping hand in healthy ageing

A South Australian provider has launched an innovative program to help baby boomers maintain a healthy lifestyle.

South Australian provider, Helping Hand has launched a community-based program to help baby boomers maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The ‘Moving ahead with your health’ program aims to facilitate long-term behavioural and lifestyle changes using a health coaching model.

The Commonwealth Government has provided $200,000 for the program until January 2010 but the organisation hopes to secure ongoing funding.

The pilot will provide support to 60 people who are at risk of developing poor health outcomes.

It will particularly be aimed at people living in the northern and western regions of Adelaide.

All participants will receive individual coaching from a trained health coach and they will be encouraged to set their own goals.

“The spirit of the program is such that each participating consumer will play an important part in sorting out the strategy for their own participation,” said Helping Hand CEO, Ian Hardy

As well as providing support for healthy ageing, the program will help participants to connect socially and emotionally with other people their own age.

Mr Hardy said aged care providers have a strong responsibility and opportunity to provide preventative health and social interventions to younger old people.

“We often see clients earlier than would otherwise be necessary because their health or social issues weren’t addressed when they were a bit younger,” he said.

“We also understand the kind of social support networks that are available for more mature and older people.

“A lot of preventative strategies around health and social needs are about plugging people into good networks and aged care providers, particularly the larger ones, are well placed to do that.”

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