Residential aged care provider, Bupa Care Services is encouraging its staff to break the rules during Dementia Awareness Week.

The Breaking the Rules program seeks to empower care staff to challenge unwritten rules and routines in residential care.

It forms part of an organisational objective to deliver individualised and person-centred care.

“It is generally accepted that a person-centred approach to care enhances the daily experience of those with dementia”, said Bupa Care Services Director of Service and Quality, Glen Hurley.

“With this program we’re asking staff across our 47 aged care facilities to consider the uniqueness of the person they’re caring for and to explore approaches that continue to improve the feelings of wellbeing for that person.”

“Breaking the Rules is not about working outside of the legislative framework or on impacting the professionalism of care. It is about creating meaningful moments for residents that produce a measurable difference in the overall care experience,” Mr Hurley said.

The program has been designed to help staff to have a greater awareness of the resident’s perspective.

“It is human nature to fall into routine in the workplace,” Mr Hurley said. “We have found that by saying its [okay] to think differently, greater levels of satisfaction can be achieved and we see more positive engagement between staff, residents and their families.”

A recent survey conducted by Bupa found that more than half of the organisation’s 3,900 residents have a formal diagnosis of dementia.

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