‘Bunnings-style’ campaign to boost image

ACSA has revealed more details about its communication campaign to improve perceptions of aged care.

Greg Mundy says the image campaign is one of the most important tasks his association has taken on in the past ten years.

A Bunnings-style advertising campaign due to be launched by March next year will aim to improve the image of aged care.

The Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) campaign which focuses on the people working within the industry, will have the theme ‘We can’t do without them’.

Delegates at the association’s national conference were shown a ‘mood reel’ for the campaign, which featured a montage of images depicting active, older people engaging with their carers.

Over the top, a voiceover message talked about the need for “better trained, more professional workers” to assist increasing numbers of older Australians maintain their “independence, freedom and involvement in the community”.

The campaign will draw on the comprehensive image survey conducted for ACSA earlier this year, by Adelaide based market researchers, McGregor Tan.

It found that negative perceptions about aged care are more prevalent within the sector than in the broader community.

“We are much, much more critical of ourselves than the general public or our clients are,” said ACSA CEO, Greg Mundy.

As well as targeting the perceptions of government, consumers and the media, the campaign will also seek to improve the perceptions of aged care staff.

“I actually think this is one of the most important things we have tackled in the last decade,” Mr Mundy said.

Clear details about the form of the campaign are still being decided but ACSA is considering print, television and radio options.

Anyone interested in supporting the campaign can contact the association at Level 1, 36 Albert St, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205.

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