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The Dilnot Commission has delivered its final report to the UK Government, and released a range of multimedia resources to explain it.

Above: Andrew Dilnot launches the report, Fairer Care Funding (image: UK Department of Health).

Britain’s Commission on Funding of Care and Support, chaired by Andrew Dilnot, has made similar recommendations to two separate draft reports by Australia’s Productivity Commission, in its final report that deals with both aged care and disability support, delivered to the UK Government last week.

In a letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, and the Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley, Mr Dilnot proposed “a new partnership between the individual and the state – one where individuals need to take reasonable and appropriate responsibility, but the state provides protection for those with the greatest needs”.

The full version of the final report, Fairer Care Funding, has been made publicly available along with an easy to read version, summary brochure, evidence and analysis, supporting documents and a graphic presentation of the data the recommendations rely on, used by Mr Dilnot at the launch.

In a video released shortly before the final report was handed down on 4 July, Mr Dilnot explained the task at hand and the broad thrust of the Commission’s plan for addressing it.

“There’s a widespread feeling that the care and support system we have in England doesn’t work. It’s felt to be unfair, noone understands it; people want to see change. That’s a feeling that seems to be spread across the whole of the political spectrum,” he said. 

“We haven’t had a system that does work; we’re proposing one that will. A new partnership between the individual and the state. A system that’s more national, so that people can know wherever they live in England, that they will be entitled to support in the same way. A system that we can be proud of, that can work for the next century.”

LISTEN to Andrew Dilnot speak at the launch of the report, introduced by Martyn Lewis with further comments from Lord Norman Warner and Dame Jo Williams:

 Launch of Dilnot Commission report by dhgovuk

WATCH the reaction of key stakeholders:

Photos from the launch can be viewed on the Dilnot Commission’s Flickr page.

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