We are looking at maximising the resident and staff experience, hospitality services and technology supporting care in the July-August edition of Australian Ageing Agenda magazine.

The quality standards and latest evidence all point to a need to focus on the individual in residential aged care to ensure they have a positive and meaningful experience.

At the same time, there’s more focus than ever on the staff experience, their productivity and ability to maximise the experience of residents.

We will talk to providers, experts and vendors about programs, approaches, systems and technology that maximise the aged care experience, such as with:

  • supporting residents to continue to pursue their interests and passions
  • staff and visitor screening and management
  • cashless payment solutions
  • data insights from older Australians about the experience they want.

Hospitality services

From catering to laundry and concierge services, next edition we are also looking at the all important hospitality services.

We will speak with providers and experts about new approaches to delivering hospitality services as well as tips for doing so during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will also investigate the technology and other support programs on the market that are helping to ensure a smooth delivery.

Technology supporting care

While humans will always be the primary caregiver, advances in equipment and systems mean technology is helping aged care staff in their roles.

And technology is changing quickly.

In the next edition, we will investigate the latest evidence-based examples supporting care such as video monitoring, sensors, fall detectors, pressure mats, lifting equipment and software.

If you have a story to tell or expertise to share on these topics, please get in touch.

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