Glenview opens dementia village

Tasmanian aged care provider Glenview Community Services has opened the doors to Korongee Village, a specialist dementia facility in Hobart.

Tasmanian aged care provider Glenview Community Services has opened the doors to Korongee Village, a specialist dementia facility in Hobart.

The village, which officially opened on 14 July, features 12 houses in four cul-de-sacs,  a community centre, salon, general store and a wellness centre.

Each house has eight bedrooms,  living and dining areas, and a kitchen.

The village was developed in partnership with industry super fund HESTA, who invested $19 million, and Social Ventures Australia.

Lucy O’Flaherty

Glenview also received  $3 million in the 2015 Aged Care Approvals Round to put towards the construction of the village.

Glenview CEO Lucy O’Flaherty said the design of village was informed by extensive research on best practice models of dementia care.

“The unique design of Korongee, and the way its residents are cared for, is centred on evidence that supports small house living. 

“An important element of this model is including familiar sights and natural spaces which can have a huge impact on overall happiness, health and wellbeing,” Ms O’Flaherty said.

General store at Korongee Village

Glenview also worked with the University of Tasmania to develop a  process to match residents to a household that best suits their interests and experiences.

Richard Colbeck

Minister for Aged Care Richard Colbeck, who attended the opening of the village, said it was a great example of how meticulous design could  reinforce support for residents and their families.

“This development will greatly reduce the stress of having a loved one with dementia, which sadly is increasingly common as we live longer,” Mr Colbeck said.

“Korongee is now a shining example of what can be achieved – a purpose-built facility that supports people with dementia, by creating a home-like, community environment,” he said

Debby Blakey

HESTA CEO Debby Blakey said the opening of Korongee represented a significant milestone for dementia care in Australia. 

“This worldclass facility is a huge step forward for dementia care in this country and puts Australia and Tasmania at the forefront of a global push to improve the quality of life of those living with dementia,” Ms Blakey said.

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  1. I’m sorry but this design is soul-destroying. Would you really want this for yourself. Anyone? Minister Colbeck? I think not. Doesn’t look like where you live. And what is a dementia village??? Why can’t it just be a beautiful built space that we’d all be fighting to live in. Something that would go viral on instagram. Why does having dementia mean you are doomed to living in these sorts of environments. Concrete alleyways and council-worthy benches? Does this look like where you would choose to sit? More like a soul-less Westfield carpark garden or the back of our local shops where all the smokers hang out. Imagine this being built as a residential development – nothing to do with aged care- by a developer? Not one of them would sell. Throw the aged care dogma (and architects) out. Forget the diagnosis and lift your expectations for people.

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