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Amity isconducting an IP-based communications network at its Willoughby facility.

The Amity Group has initiated a pilot communications project at its Willoughby facility in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

The project is based around IP (internet protocol) voice and data networking infrastructure provided by Mitel.

The solution for the site uses a Mitel 3300 IP Communication Platform (ICP) which covers all indoor and outdoor areas of the facility.

Carers are able to tap into the network using small voice-activated wireless pendants worn around the neck, which allow them to make hands-free phone calls.

The pendants use speech recognition technology to ‘listen’ to spoken commands, and can be used throughout the facility.

Special analogue telephone handsets, designed for people with hearing and vision impairments have also been installed in each resident’s room.

Image: One of the bedrooms at Amity Grand at Willoughby

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