LDK Greenway Views has officially opened its doors

Retirement living provider LDK Healthcare has opened the doors to a new $270 million ageing-in-place retirement living development in Canberra.

Greenway Views Seniors’ Living Village, which took two years to build, sits on the former Department of Social Security office in Greenway, Tuggeranong.

The facility features more than 380 purpose-built apartments and is equipped to provide low and high levels of aged care and dementia and palliative care services.

The village includes a café, 130-seat auditorium, gym, hairdresser and barber, library, men’s shed, art gallery and grocer.

LDK Healthcare CEO Byron Cannon said Greenway Views was their flagship project and would provide residents with the high-quality care they deserved.

“It is delivering LDK’s vision for the future of seniors’ living and is our greatest opportunity to show the rest of Australia how we should be treating our seniors,” Mr Cannon said.

“Our vision is that every senior Australian will be treated with love, decency and kindness in their ageing journey and those values underpin every aspect of Greenway Views,” Mr Cannon said.

The organisation’s “One Move Promise” allows residents who purchase an apartment to remain there regardless of whether they have care needs now or into the future.

Mr Cannon said stage one of Greenway Views sold out during the construction phase and welcomed its first residents last month.

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  1. $270million for 380 apartments is about $710,000 per apartment.
    At 5% simple return rent is $710 per week.
    There are about 300,000 older women looking for an affordable apartment.
    30% of Newstart on rent is about $71 (plus rent assistance government is already paying)
    Does government want to subsidize an equitable affordable housing program for older women?

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