In my eighties, I want to live….

AAA is offering a free registration for the 2013 Ageing in Place master class with visiting UK CEO, Nick Sanderson, to the most honest and compelling finish to this paragraph. Plus ten per cent discount off registration for all AAA readers.

“In my eighties, I want to live…somewhere with a pool so I can swim laps.”  Above: the ‘pool room’ at Audley’s Mote House retirement village in the UK

One Australian Ageing Agenda reader will receive a free registration to this year’s Ageing Asia Leadership Series ‘Ageing in Place’ workshop led by Mr Nick Sanderson from Audley Retirement in the UK.  [See recent AAA article about Mr Sandreson and Audley.]  But all AAA readers can receive a ten per cent discount on their registration price.

The free registration will be awarded to the person who can fill in the missing section from the following paragraph in the most honest and compelling way  – in 75 words or less:

“In my eighties, I want to live …………………….   It’s what I want and I can play a part in making sure it’s a choice I have.”

Entrants can write their response in the comments panel below or, if preferred, send it via email to , putting the words, ‘Masterclass competition’ in the subject field.   

All entries will close at 5pm, Wednesday 28 August and the winner will be contacted Thursday 29 August.

The winner can choose to attend any one of the three master classes being held in Australia next month in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on the following dates: 

  • 9 September – Sydney
  • 11 September – Melbourne
  • 13 September – Brisbane 

Judging will be made by the event managers in consultation with Australian Ageing Agenda’s editorial team.  The judges’ decision will be final.  The prize includes event registration only.  It does not include any travel or accommodation costs.  

Claim a ten per cent discount off the registration price

Any AAA readers wishing to attend one of the events at the discounted rate should click on this link to download the program and special registration form, including the discount code: AIPA13AAA

Above: Mr Nick Sanderson, CEO of Audley Retirement 

About the event:

The Boardroom Masterclass Agenda includes:

International ageing-in-place: A successful business model based on consumer choice and aspirations of older adults for home ownership and enabling independence as they age

Laying the groundwork: understanding the business and operational models in Australia

Demographics (urban planning, reform funding, wealth concentration)

Consumer focused service model (home based care & enabling social inclusion)

Case-studies on retirement living and aged care business models and future directions

UK Industry research presentation on what baby boomers want and costs of independent living versus residential aged care

Future of ageing in Australia: the emergence of four key retirement living & care models

90 minutes – Greenfield site development project: eight industry leaders will strategise on the best model for the site

The Masterclass will replicate the full fiÂnancial, demographic planning, operational, policy and valuation decision making processes that management teams face.

The 90 minute interactive panel in the afternoon will involve a mock boardroom scenario of what to develop on a piece of old industrial land in the inner city area around the airport. The assumption is that the local Council will only approve a development that deals with the ageing population, so the debate will deal with:

The known options of residential with pure residential with deï¬ÂÂned community care, retirement villages with user pays or residential aged care
The factors that drive the decision.

For further information about the event, please visit the event’s main website or email: Sylwin Ang at

Australian Ageing Agenda is an official media partner for this event.

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7 thoughts on “In my eighties, I want to live….

  1. “In my eighties, I want to live in an accepting environment, offering worth to my fellow seniors. Naturally willing to pay for the services on offer, I do not want to be told what to do and when. Each day embracing diversity of choice and respecting fellow seniors around me for their contributions to my community. It’s what I want and I can play a part in making sure it’s a choice I have.”

  2. In my eighties I want to live in my own home , drive my own car and continue to travell and contribute to community through continued volunteer work. If for some reason I am no longer able to live at home or drive a car I want to be enabled by my carers to continue to engage with the community and to be considered a whole person who still has something to contribute to life.

  3. In my eighties I want to live….being able to go for a walk along the beach, and a swim in the surf. Seeing the sunrise and the sunset, gazing at the stars in the sky.

  4. In my eighties I want to live near the water, close to friends and loved ones, with no pressure to do anything except what I want to do. If It needs support or help….please ask me first.

  5. In my eighties I want to live in my bongo van with my dog and husband and travel Australia whilst working the occasional job here and there to maintain independence and enthusiasm. Watching the sun rise and fall in different parts of Australia, sharing stories with my mates. Diversional Therapy would have the systems in place to allow the ‘gypsies’ to travel (even if it was a retired caravan in the backyard of a nursing facility – give me the sense of freedom to live my dreams)

  6. In my eighties I want to live…
    each day with a positive outlook. Deserve the love and respect of those I love. Share the good things life has taught me with my children, grandchildren and those I love.
    Be ready to help whenever needed. Enjoy each day and try to do everything on my “bucket-list
    Open my eyes and mind to the new world and all that I can learn from it. Live in peace and community with the whole world….(75 words)
    It’s what I want and I can play a part in making sure it’s a choice I have. Lieselotte Achilles(80

  7. In my eighties I want to live…..

    in a world free of age-stereotypes. Where everyone, regardless of their age, is allowed, encouraged and empowered to contribute according to their skills, abilities and means…
    A world in which everyone can share their love. tenderness, intimacy, desires and closeness with like-minded adults without raising eyebrows or comment.
    A world in which everyone is guaranteed their rights and accepts their responsibilities, regardless of race, colour, creed, income, gender or age. A shared world… (Peter Leith. 75 words)

    It’s what I want and I can play a part in mAKING SURE IT’S A CHOICE THAT I HAVE.

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