International insight into ageing

A group of South Australian aged care staff are on a cultural exchange visit in Japan.

A group of aged care staff from South Australia have gone to Japan on an international cultural exchange to gain new insights into aged care

The team of 12 care workers, nurses and managers from ACH Group are spending 10 days with the Sun Life Group in Nagano and Nagoya.

The organisation’s CEO, Dr Mike Rungie said the visits were part of a scholarship program to develop, retain and reward staff.

“ACH Group has been offering cultural exchange scholarships to staff for the past 15 years,” he said.

“The scholarship program is part of ACH Group’s ongoing commitment to offer outstanding care and to help older people live good lives.”

The tour itinerary features a half-day workshop on Japanese culture, as well as various tourist activities in Tokyo and Nagoya.

Dr Rungie said Japan had a “rich and diverse” aged care system embedded in a culture which holds older people in a high regard.

“They offer significant client choice and control through their long term care insurance system, and an integrated approach to care and lifestyle and have excellent staff attraction and retention rates.”

Through the visits, a strong relationship has developed between ACH Group and the Sun Life Group

For the past 10 years, staff from the Japanese organisation have visited ACH facilities where they participated in hands-on care and training.

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