Introducing our premium offering

Australian Ageing Agenda’s premium content service features long-form articles, analysis, expert opinions and key sector insights for aged care professionals in leadership, operations, and frontline roles.

Today, Australian Ageing Agenda is launching a new online experience for aged care professionals.

Along with our free website content, you can now subscribe to our premium content service, where you’ll gain access to exclusive long-form articles, analysis, expert opinions and key sector insights.

Here you’ll discover new articles on staff retention, professionalising the aged care workforce, and key stakeholder views including from Aged & Community Care Providers Association CEO Tom Symondson.

There are other long-form articles on recent steps forward in gerontological nursing, homelike care and in-depth interviews with senior industry figures. We also have Q&As with provider CEOs and procurement heads and contributions from experts.

Among those are Michael Goldsworthy on retaining the sector’s wisdom and skills, Dr Tim Henwood on reablement-focused respite and Dr Suzanne Kapp on innovations in wound management.

Plus there’s much more, which you can view here.

We’ll also be regularly adding new articles and bringing other premium content such as videos and podcasts on the many issues and topics our readers need to be across.

We’re still the AAA you rely on, but with more enhancements for professionals in leadership, operations and frontline roles.

Subscribe now and get the insider’s edge.

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1 thought on “Introducing our premium offering

  1. These measures are welcome but they do little to improve access time to the system. We have been told that although we applied last November we will have to wait until October 2024 to be assessed for benefits. We are both 80 years old. Surely this wait is unnecessary and unwarranted.

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