Ireland says no to ageism

A wide-ranging publicity campaign is at the heart of Ireland’s ‘Say No to Ageism Week’.

Ireland’s Minister for Older People, Máire Hoctor has set aside this week as national ‘Say No to Ageism Week’.

The initiative is being implemented by nation’s Health Service Executive (HSE), the Equality Authority and the National Council on Ageing and Older People.

The week-long event aims to promote a new awareness of ageism through public campaigns.

It will challenge existing stereotypes with media notices, billboards and posters encouraging Irish citizens to “Say no to ageism”.

A key focus of the project is promoting equality for older people as customers.

Older people in Ireland often experience discrimination in gaining access to motor insurance, travel insurance and public sector services.

The project will build upon a program developed by the HSE in 2006 which sought to improve age-friendly services in the workplace and the home.

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