Is your aged care digital strategy up to date?

The next edition of Australian Ageing Agenda magazine is featuring in-depth articles on ICT, clinical education and infection control.

While once a fringe topic common among so-called tech heads, discussions about digital strategies are becoming common place.

A lot of working is happening at international, Australian government, and organisational levels to develop and enhance digital and data strategies. This includes within the aged care sector – where many stakeholders are playing catch-up.

For the May-June edition of AAA magazine we’re going to talk to experts and early adopters about how aged care providers can make the most of the latest information and communication technology.

Key areas of interest include:

  • artificial intelligence – AI is the hottest topic in aged care tech talk
  • interoperability
  • infrastructure
  • security.

Operations: Clinical education

Elsewhere next issue we’re going to explore the latest in clinical education trends for people working in aged care services. Among those trends is the rise in microlearning – a program style that delivers content to learners in bite-sized chunks that focus on a specific learning outcome. It’s promoted as an engaging and efficient learning method and could be a viable option for aged care services rolling out education to their staff.

Frontline:  Infection control

The May-June edition will look into the latest in aged care infection and prevention strategies. Among important areas of infection control for the sector is antimicrobial resistance in residential aged care. This issue has been directly linked to the misuse of antibiotics. We’ll canvass the latest evidence-based practices to prevent and manage infections in various aged care settings.

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