It’s easy being green

A recently announced partnership will see one NSW provider well on its way to eliminating its carbon footprint.

The world has suddenly just gotten a little bit greener, thanks to a new partnership between Warrigal Care and the environmental charity, Greenfleet, which will see the aged care provider dramatically minimise its carbon footprint.

The new agreement between the two companies means that Greenfleet will plant native trees to soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, to offset 100 per cent of the carbon emissions released from Warrigal Care’s motor vehicle fleet.

This commitment will involve the planting of 751 native plants to counteract the 201.25 tonnes of greenhouse gases from the 60 vehicle fleet which includes cars, light commercials and buses.

Business improvement manager for Warrigal Care, Ian Price, said that the initiative is part of the organisation’s overall waste minimisation strategy and a move towards becoming a carbon-neutral organisation.

“We decided to fully commit to the program very early on,” said Mr Price.

“It might suit some organisations to adopt a staged approach to reducing carbon emissions but we wanted to demonstrate our full commitment to environmental sustainability.”

According to Mr Price, the partnership will not only benefit the environment but the organisation’s residents as well.

“Even in senior stages of life, the environment is still a major focus and concern of theirs, particularly for their family and grandchildren.

“…The aged care community that we have to day are much more aware of the costs and impact that our actions have on the environment compared to 20 years ago.”

Although expense is often thought to be associated with introducing an environmental initiative, Mr Price stressed that it such action actually could save providers money.

“One of the things that has been most interesting is that there are savings to be made from substantial [environmental] initiatives.

“Green initiatives initially have costs associated with them in both the development and rollout stages. But, as the state and federal government is looking to introduce fees associated with carbon emissions, recycling and waste handling, there can be substantial savings to be made.”

Mr Price encouraged other providers to adopt waste minimisation practices and to also do all that it can to offset their carbon emissions.

“They should adopt a broad approach to environmental sustainability that can include waste minimisation, carbon emission offsets, solar power and solar hot water.

“It’s also about demonstrating good corporate citizenship to the community…And it’s not that expensive, not at all.”

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