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Capital Guardians is launching a new devision to support aged care operators to manage resident lifestyle activities and volunteers [Advertisement].

Capital Guardians is launching a new division around supporting aged care operators manage resident lifestyle activities and volunteers.
In launching the new initiative, Capital Guardian’s spokesperson, Joanne Middleton, said “Resident activities are a major contributor to the lifestyle and wellbeing of residents, however, receive a relatively small portion of resources.  Our lifestyle division intends to correct this imbalance by providing practical best practice tools and resources to facility lifestyle coordinators without the expense.”
The Capital Guardians lifestyle services division is presently recruiting a general manager, it services will include shared knowledge bases, calendaring, volunteer booking & time recording tools and activity databases linked to the resident guardians. Click here for the job advertisement.
Capital Guardians  is an established Australian business providing services to simplify the financial affairs of the elderly. 


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