July-August issue of AAA magazine out now!

The July-August issue of Australian Ageing Agenda’s magazine is out now, available via subscription and at a range of upcoming conferences around the country.

The July-August issue of Australian Ageing Agenda (AAA) magazine is out now and available to all who have subscribed. As an added bonus however, AAA’s July-August issue will be distributed at the upcoming NIMAC Conference; 6th Australasian Better Boards Conference; 2nd Ageing Asia Leadership Workshop-Australia and 21st National Conference on Incontinence.

This latest issue of AAA magazine delivers all the usual industry opinion, news analysis and regular inclusions that readers enjoy, as well as a range of in-depth feature articles covering three broad topics: marketing, branding and competitor strategy; falls prevention and hospital avoidance; and laundry and linen management.

The July-August issue promises to embrace all the energy and atmosphere of a sector caught in the throws of reform, and provide readers with details on recent Living Longer Living Better news, and advice on how best to keep up with a changing world.

In this issue, AAA looks at how you can use media tools – traditional and non-traditional – branding techniques and the press to help you reach the top of an increasingly competitive and consumer-driven, aged care market.

Falls prevention and hospital avoidance also share the spotlight this issue as AAA focuses on the concepts of ‘hospital in the home’ and a ‘whole of government approach’ to falls-related funding. The July-August AAA will also offer readers an update of the latest in falls prevention research from one of Australia’s most prominent falls experts, Professor Stephen Lord.

AAA speaks to sustainability professionals about ways to meet the carbon tax challenge head on, cut energy use in the laundry and make your laundry and linen management processes sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

CEO of Palliative Care Australia, Dr Yvonne Luxford, writes about the use of opioids this issue’s Rock the Boat column and expresses her opinion why the issue of pain management needs to be addressed now.

Partner at McCullough Robertson, Tim Longwill, explains the ramifications of the recent Fair Work Australia ‘equal pay’ case and subsequent legislation and an expert panel discuss the financial implications of the recently announced aged care reforms.

Then there’s a special look at the Royal Freemasons’ free-spirited future; information on interesting books, online happenings, cultural activities and technological innovations; and a whole lot more.

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Australian Ageing Agenda’s bi-monthly magazine is an independent and authoritative bi-monthly publication for the aged care and retirement sectors in Australia. It provides a broad range of news, education and opinion with an emphasis on research and analysis in articles that challenge current ideas and encourage innovative thinking.

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