Magic pudding meets Apartments for Life

Six lucky AAA readers have picked up free registrations to the July workshop series with Nick Abbey, CEO of Extra Care Charitable Trust.


Above:  CEO of the UK’s Extra Care Charitable Trust,  Nick Abbey

Congratulations to the winners of the free ticket promotion to the 2nd Ageing Asia Leadership Workshop series on the ‘Apartments for Life’ housing and care concept with CEO of the UK’s Extra Care Charitable Trust, Nick Abbey.  AAA offered three free registrations to the event series – one to each of the three capital city events in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.  And for a fleeting minute, it was a bit like the magic pudding! In a heady moment, AAA  let the randomiser website choose a second winner for each event.  And before checking, we had already notified all six winners of their great fortune! Of course we couldn’t go back on it then.

So, congratulations to the six winners listed below who will be attending the event later this month.

Rice Daubney architect, Guy Luscombe, who was one of the winners who will attend the Sydney workshop, said he had heard Nick Abbey speak before and was keen to have the chance to participate in the workshop format with the UK industry leader.

“It’s important to try to understand new emerging housing and care models and learn from international industry leaders,” said Mr Luscombe.  “With the aged care reform directions in Australia, we need to be looking at innovative housing and care models and really pushing forward that agenda.”

Above: Jason Burton

One of the winners in Perth is Jason Burton, General Manager Education, Research and Consultancy Services for Alzheimer’s Australia in WA.   He has been substantially involved in issues around built environment for people with dementia and cognitive decline and is one of the lead researchers on the DEEP project (Dementia Enabling Environments Project).

He says he was keen to attend the workshop to gain and share insights into housing and support services for older people living with dementia.

“ As we face the growing number of people living with dementia we need to find new ways to provide long term housing and support. Building bigger and bigger institutions should not be the answer,” he said

“I am looking forward to attending this workshop to learn more about supportive housing models that can provide real alternatives to traditional residential care.” said Mr Burton.

Information about the program for the workshops and how you can attend, is available on the workshop website.

And the winners are:

Perth: 24 July

  • Jason Burton
  • Melinda Elias

Sydney: 19 July

  • Joseph McCarthy
  • Guy Luscombe

Melbourne: 17 July

  • Lorraine Calder
  • Helena Williams

For other background information about the apartments for life concept; design for an ageing population; and designing for dementia, see the following:

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