A major Victorian provider has released details about its plans for meeting the demands of an ageing population.

Southern Cross Care’s (SCC) strategic plan for 2010-2015 contains a comprehensive blueprint for addressing the needs of older people toady and in the future.

“Our aspiration for all older people is to see them living well, loving life and participating within a just and inclusive community,” said the group’s CEO, Jan Horsnell.

“It is so important we ensure, as much as we can, that older people be heard throughout the entire community so we can all gain a greater understanding of their needs and how they want to live.”

The SCC plan aims to promote positive ageing for older people in a range of different circumstances.

The plan also highlights dementia as a key issue, outlining a holistic strategy for preventing and responding to the fourth most common cause of death among older Australians.

“It is clear this disease needs to be at the forefront in the minds of the policy makers and marked as a priority on the agendas of those who determine how and where health funding is channelled,” said Ms Horsnell.

“We see the devastating consequences for people living with dementia, and those who care for them and we are determined to be their ‘voice’ and work closely with relevant organisations to lobby for the necessary funding and research.”

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