Masonic now limited

Aged care provider changes its legal status as it looks to continue its expansion program.

Masonic Homes will change its legal status at the start of next month as it seeks to undergo further expansion throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory.

From 1 July, Masonic will be a limited company under the Commonwealth Corporations Act.

The organisation stressed it would maintain its benevolent and charitable institution status, as well as a strong focus on the needs of seniors living communities and community care throughout Adelaide and Darwin.

“Our current standards and processes have served us well but now do not sufficiently reflect the size of our business or the need to better manage its growth and spread,” said Masonic CEO, Doug Strain.

“We remain a public benevolent institution structured as a company limited by guarantee, delivering our values and corporate social responsibilities.

“Masonic is a charitable institution which continues to generate revenue to grow, maintain and improve our options in the care of senior Australians.”

In recent years, Masonic has embarked on a wide sweeping expansion program.

It has extended its range of residential and community care programs from metropolitan Adelaide into the Adelaide Hills and Murraylands as well as the Top End, through its large complex at Tiwi Gardens in Darwin.

Masonic Homes also has plans to expand its national coverage, with a particular interest in Western Australia and Queensland.

Given these developments, Mr Strain said the organisation felt it was the “right time” to change its legal status.

“Our growth strategy identified the need to set the bar at a higher level to assist everyone – our shareholders, clients, staff and suppliers – in retaining, establishing and maintaining best practice in our operating approaches at all levels of the organisation,” Mr. Strain said.

Masonic Homes is currently incorporated under the South Australian Associations Incorporations Act.

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