MyCDC teams up with Humanetix

Humanetix and MyCDC have teamed up to support aged care providers to implement best practice consumer choice and improve clinical governance.

Aged care software developer Humanetix and resident-directed care model MyCDC have partnered to support providers to improve clinical governance and provide best-practice consumer choice.

The partnership combines Humanetix’s point-of-care resident management system ACE with MyCDC, a relationship-based model for implementing consumer-directed care in aged care homes.

Humanetix and MyCDC joined forces to fill a gap in aged care, said Mark Sheldon-Stemm, the principal at Research Analytics and person behind MyCDC.

“Any system in aged care, particularly residential aged care, needs to have two sides. One is customer experience and how you treat your residents and the other is clinical governance. And to date, there is no one system that does both,” Mr Sheldon-Stemm told Australian Ageing Agenda.

Mark Sheldon-Stemm

Mr Sheldon-Stemm said Humanetix will help aged care providers meet or exceed their clinical governance.

“We reviewed the Humanetix system and found it to be very good in terms of capturing all the data that you need to manage somebody’s health and wellbeing. And then it’s about how staff go about that, which is the MyCDC part of it,” he said.

As previously reported, the University of Canberra’s two-year evaluation of the ACE platform found can improve the quality of care and staff productivity.

“The MyCDC part is about how staff interact, how they collect information, how they deal with residents, and making sure they meet all the standards,” Mr Sheldon-Stemm said.

MyCDC uses a relationship model rather than a task-based model, he said.

“MyCDC is a very different type of system… it has an operational manual, which goes through every step of what you do in residential aged care and sets out what you should do in terms of each of the steps for your interactions with your residents and their families,” he said.

The two combined make a complete residential aged care system, Mr Sheldon-Stemm said.

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