New chairman for lobby group

National Seniors Australia has appointed a new chairman to lead the board and organisation into 2012 and beyond.

Above: Newly appointed National Seniors Australia board chairman, David Carvosso.

The consumer advocacy, lobby and policy group, National Seniors Australia, has appointed a former teacher and long serving board member, David Carvosso, as its new chairman.

The West Australian Carvosso, who was appointed chairman last week, has been on the organisation’s board of directors since 2007.

Previously active in both the state and national member policy groups, Carvosso sees the organsiation’s lobbying function as vital in ensuring the wellbeing of all older Australians.

“National Seniors’ role as a consumer voice is critical if seniors are to maintain living standards and know that support is available to them as they age,” Mr Carvosso said.

“In 2012, National Seniors will be monitoring the effects of the global economic downturn on retirement savings and the impact of rising living costs on our oldest and most vulnerable Australians.

“We’ll also have something to say on giving older workers a fair go and financing aged care.

Still on the agenda – an issue often raised by the organisation’s rank and file – is the harmonisation of frustratingly inconsistent state laws.

“National Seniors will continue to push for a cross-border alignment of state legislation in areas such as living wills and workers compensation.

“I have always seen National Seniors as an organisation which informs, supports and represents its members in the years leading up to and into retirement. Under my watch, I’ll make sure this continues”.
Carvosso replaces Melbourne economist Judith Sloan, who, after 12 months with National Seniors, is now the contributing economics editor for The Australian newspaper.

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