Aussie dementia group wins international award

Dementia Care Australia has been announced as the winner of an international award for excellence in aged care.

An Australian organisation that provides training and resources for dementia care has been recognised International Association of Housing and Services for the Aged (IAHSA).

Dementia Care has been announced as a winner of the Excellence in Ageing Services Award for its innovative Spark of Life program.

The culture enrichment program enables organisations to develop a compassionate culture by nurturing leaders who then act as role models and assist other staff to enrich the life of residents.

The program revolves around a ‘club’ group for people with dementia.

“Current care models have an administrative and authoritative focus that pose limitations rather than possibilities for people with dementia,” said Dementia Care Australia CEO, Jane Verity.

“These models have created a ‘truth’ that says decline is inevitable unless a medical solution is found.

“In contrast, the Spark of Life introduces a proactive approach to relationships and communication that enables everyone to think, be, and act in a way that ignites the human spirit.”

The IAHSA award is designed to acknowledge organisations that contribute significantly to the quality of life of individuals in aged care.

The award will be presented at the IAHSA Conference in London this July.

Click here for more information on the Spark of Life program.

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