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Nominations for the Aged Care Channel’s 2008 Idea of the Year Awards are open to members until 30 April.

Nominations for the Aged Care Channel’s 2008 Idea of the Year Award (IOTYA) are now open.

The purpose of the award is to encourage channel members to share ideas and projects that have made a positive contribution to the lives of residents and staff.

Award categories include ‘Teamwork, Training and Staff Relations’; ‘Resident Health and Personal Care’; ‘Resident Lifestyle’; and ‘Environment, Safety Systems, and OH&S’.

Nominations are assessed by a panel of independent judges each category winner receives an Aged Care Channel Idea of the Year Award along with a major prize.

Some of the most innovative ideas are showcased on the channel throughout the year.

The winning idea for the 2007 Resident Lifestyle category came from the Uniting Church Frontier Services’ Ngamang Bawoona Hostel in Derby, WA.

The hostel’s ‘Moving Outdoors’ idea aimed to meet the specific needs of indigenous residents who value outdoor lifestyle as an important part of their traditional culture.

As part of the program, staff developed a range of activities that could be conducted outside, such as open-air meals around a specially-made campfire.

Since implementing their idea, staff members at Ngamang Bawoona have noticed significant improvements in residents’ wellbeing.

“Staff are so excited. It’s absolutely wonderful,” says Ngamang Bawoona’s Pamela Forster.

Entries for the 2008 IOTYA close on 30 April. All the ideas are assessed after this date and the four winners will be announced in a special broadcast on 26 November.

Aged Care Channel members can email their ideas, along with photos, to:

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