IT leaders in aged care

The annual ITAC awards have recognised the best implementation of IT solutions in aged care.

The annual event aims to reward the most effective uses of IT within the industry as well as the best suppliers of technology solutions to aged care providers.

The best information technology innovations in aged care were recognised last night at the ITAC (Information Technology in Aged Care) Awards ceremony in Melbourne.

The award for the best IT solution across more than 150 beds went to Feros Care in Queensland for its Gateway community care initiative. The Gateway framework is a single point-of-entry to the organisation that clients can access via a 1300-number and remote staff can log onto using a wide are network (WAN).

It combines current communication technology with community care software to improve efficiencies across the organisation.

“This award confirms that we are travelling down the right path,” said Feros’s General Manager for Community Services, Gabriele Taylor.

“It’s great for our staff to be acknowledged in this way because this truly has been a team effort.”

The best IT solution across less than 150 beds went to the Mary Ogilvy Homes Society in Tasmania for its introduction of AutumnCare’s Harmony program.

The organisation’s DON, Jill Geeves said the software had improved the quality of care and simplified compliance by replacing cumbersome paper files.

“This is a fitting tribute to our hard work and our fantastic relationships with AutumnCare,” said Ms Geeves.

The prize for best ICT company went to Hatrix for its medication management solution which links doctors, pharmacists and nurses.

A representative of the company paid tribute to industry partners Goodwin Village (ACT) and Terrace Gardens (NT) who helped develop the electronic pharmacy tool.

“I would like to thank both these groups for trusting and assisting us on this journey,” he said.

The ITAC Awards are an initiative of Aged Care Association Australia (ACAA) and the Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA).

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