Debby Blakey, Deputy CEO HESTA, Graham Custance, Community Development Manager Care Connect, Rob Barden, CEO Emmerton Park, June Bremner, volunteer Silver Chain, Annegret Renk-­‐Kotzee, Dutch Aged Care, Prof John Kelly, CEO ACSA.
From left: Debby Blakey, HESTA; Graham Custance, Care Connect; Rob Barden, Emmerton Park; June Bremner, Silver Chain; Annegret Renk-­‐Kotzee, Dutch Aged Care; Prof John Kelly, ACSA.

Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) kicked off its 2013 national conference on Sunday night by recognising aged care excellence with the presentation of 2013 ACSA National Aged Care Awards.

The 23 individuals and organisations from throughout Australia who were considered for the awards, which are sponsored by HESTA, had each made outstanding contributions to aged care, ACSA said.

ACSA CEO Adjunct Professor John Kelly presented the finalists with a certificate and the winners with a plaque. $10,000 in prize money from HESTA ensures the winners can attend the ACSA National Conference 2014 in Adelaide.

The Employee winner was Graham Custance, from Care Connect in Victoria. Mr Custance said he was inspired by the Aboriginal people he spoke with in his work and the knowledge that 40,000 years ago Aboriginal people walked this land. The elders are passing on and we need to share their knowledge, he said.

The Volunteer winner was June Bremner, from Silver Chain in Western Australia. Ms Bremner has volunteered for more than 30 years and was a popular winner.

The Trainee winner was Annegret Renk-­Kotzee, from Dutch Aged Care WA. She said she was inspired by the people she works alongside and the people they care for.

The Organisation winner was Emmerton Park in Tasmania. CEO Robert Barden runs a 61-­bed facility with 16 care packages and has consolidated the facility’s role in the small north-­west community of Smithton.

In the September/October issue, AAA carried an article on Ms Bremner. Read that report again here.

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