One excited winner but one more needed!

One of the winners of the free registration to this year’s Better Boards Australasia Conference has had to cancel and now there’s another free ticket going, going, going….

By Keryn Curtis

N.B. Both of the winners of the free registration have now been finalised

Better Boards Australasia and Australian Ageing Agenda are pleased to announce one of the winners of a free registration to this year’s Better Boards conference in Melbourne next weekend, 6-7 July.  

Winner number one is Jenny Norman, general manager and director of care at Boneham Cottage Homes in Millicent, in South Australia.  Entrants were invited to create or cite a favourite quote about management and Jenny offered a few pearls of wisdom: “Leadership is a two way street: loyalty up and loyalty down. Respect for one’s superiors, care for one’s crew. Don’t be a valve radio in a micro-chip world.”  

Ms Norman said she was thrilled to be going to the Better Boards Australasia conference.  Boneham Cottage Homes, like many smaller regional services, is undergoing some major changes to meet the challenges of a changing world and a reformed aged care system.

“Millicent is a predominantly agricultural and forestry area,” said Ms Norman. “There’s a big paper mill here and lots of farming and there are a lot of elderly people in the town.

When she started 15 years ago, Ms Norman says there was only a small hostel in operation and she was the only trained staff member.  In recent years Boneham Cottage Homes has expanded to include a retirement village, has ventured into a telehealth pilot around dementia care and early next year it will increase its residential aged care beds from 50 to 90. 

Having purchased some more land, a dementia specific service and an expansion into home care will be the next stage, says Ms Norman.

She says the aged care reforms will present some challenges to the organisation but that they are feeling quite prepared.  “Yes, we need to get our act together and consider our options and we may have to amalgamate.  The senior management team is looking at how prepared we would be in different circumstances and doing scenario planning.”

Ms Norman said she was looking forward to “being able to mentor with other people and get some reassurance about the direction we want to take,” at the conference.  “I will be like a sponge!” she said. 

Wanted: a second winner 

AAA readers and governance gurus will recall that there were two free registrations being offered to the annual event.  Unfortunately, while two registrations were awarded, the other winner is now unable to attend and has offered the free registration to someone else.

It’s late notice but we will provide the free registration to the first person to email us at Australian Ageing Agenda via, saying in the subject field, “I would really like to attend the Better Boards Conference” and then including your contact details in the body of the email. 

To be eligible, you must be either in the executive team or on the board of a not for profit aged care organisation in Australia.

Once we have awarded the free registration we will put a comment at the bottom of the story to say that the registration has been taken.

AAA looks forward to seeing you there.

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