Positive meeting about Warley

No decisions have been reached but ACCV says it is keeping all stakeholders well informed.

Aged and Community Care Victoria (ACCV) has described last night’s meeting about the future of the Warley Hospital as positive.

The state industry association inherited the bush nursing hospital and aged care facility on Phillip Island from the Warley Trustees after the facility closed in January this year.

At the time, the trustees entered negotiations to transfer the aged care operations to Mercy Aged Care but these plans fell through in June.

The disused assets were then transferred to ACCV as a result of a condition in the Warley Trust Deed.

Although no decisions were reached at the meeting chaired by respected public figure Adrian Nye, ACCV CEO Gerard Mansour said it provided a good opportunity to explain the complicated series of events to community members.

“The community expressed its disappointment about the closure of the hospital back in January which clearly pre-dated this current issue but is part of the recent history,” Mr Mansour said.

“The community also expressed views that there are continuing health service needs on the island.”

Mr Mansour said the most urgent priority at the moment is to formally transfer ownership of the assets to ACCV.

It is likely that this process will require an application to the Supreme Court, although it is not clear how long this would take.

The meeting was informed that there is currently a $2.4 million debt associated with the assets that is growing at a rate of about $20,000 each month.

It is understood that when this debt is considered, the net value of the facility is somewhere between $800,000 and $2 million.

ACCV informed community members that it has an open mind about the future of the site but a number of uncertainties still need to be finalised.

“Our aim is to consider the options and a course of action after we have clarity about ownership and obtained the views and feedback from the community and other stakeholders,” it said in a statement given to attendees.

Mr Mansour praised the ACCV board for its commitment to finding a suitable solution.

“I think it’s a credit to the board that they are treating this as a serious issue. It is something that was not of our own making but we are seeking to discharge our responsibility in an appropriate way.”

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