New book teaches families and informal carers to adopt enabling philosophies in their interactions with older people.I'm Old Not Stupid

Author and coach Lindsay Tighe has been training aged care professionals in skills to enable older people to live a more healthy, happy life. Her new book, I’m old not stupid: What older people think but don’t say, makes these skills available for the first time to family members of older people and provides strategies to communicate and engage in a way that supports better outcomes.

This resource encourages families and carers to adopt a ‘better questions’ philosophy to support the independence, strengths and capacity of older people.

Ms Tighe said her book aims to challenge unconscious ageist attitudes and to shift the focus of carers and families “from ‘caring for’ to ‘enabling’, which undoubtedly embraces older people’s capabilities and wisdom and most importantly respects and values them as members of our community.”

“Using this philosophy can prompt different ways of thinking about the relationship you have with older people,” she said.

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