aged care data clearinghouse
The AIHW’s aged care data clearinghouse

A one-stop shop for statistics on Australia’s aged care sector has been launched by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) to assist policy research and evaluation within the sector.

The National Aged Care Data Clearinghouse is an independent and centralised repository of information on clients and services across national aged care programs and services covering residential and community aged care and transition, respite and assessment programs.

It brings together the AIHW’s information and statistics on aged care to one place. The majority of information is available online in reports and in more detail via datacubes. It is also possible to request custom data to meet specific requirements or if not readily available online.

The initiative is part of the Living Longer Living Better reform package following a recommendation by the Productivity Commission in its inquiry report Caring for Older Australians.

“The Data Clearinghouse aims to encourage transparency and independence in aged care policy research and evaluation through the provision of data and information in a timely manner for research, evaluation and analysis, subject to data release protocols and confidentiality requirements,” according to the AIHW.

“It supports the development and improvement of evidence-based policy and planning in aged care which are essential for providing the best possible outcomes for the community.”

Access or request aged care data here: National Aged Care Data Clearinghouse

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