Free low-GI menu guide for aged care

Nestlé Professional and the Glycemic Index Foundation have launched a free and practical guide of menus for aged care using low-GI foods.

Nestlé Professional and the Glycemic Index Foundation have launched a free and practical guide of menus for aged care using low-GI foods.

The downloadable guide contains 15 breakfast, drink and dessert recipes

The downloadable guide – THRIVE – provides easy-to-understand information about low-GI foods, 15 breakfast, drink and dessert recipes and expert advice for low-GI meal planning with a focus on protein and calcium.

It aims to make it simple for aged care food service teams to create meals that help improve the food and nutrient intakes of aged care residents, said author and Nestlé Professional accredited practising dietitian Michelle McCracken.

“Improving food, nutrition and the dining experience in aged care is a critical area of reform and major challenge for aged care providers and their teams,” said Ms McCracken. “The guide provides a practical resource and equips staff with the skills they need to improve the quality of menus in all areas – nutrition, taste and appeal.”

The Glycemic Index Foundation is delighted to provide education and practical tools to increase the use of low-GI foods in aged care settings, said the organisation’s chief scientific officer Dr Alan Barclay.

“Diabetes is the world’s fastest growing chronic disease, with data showing the estimated prevalence of diabetes among older people in residential aged care, in Australia, ranging between 18 per cent to 34 per cent,” said Dr Barclay. “With more than 40 years of evidence supporting the benefits of eating a low-GI diet, it’s essential we make it easy for aged care and health care providers to deliver healthier, low-GI menus.”

The recipes in the guide (Citrus Cheesecake and Black Forest Delice pictured above) use the Nestlé Professional low-GI product range and healthy core foods – such as milk, yoghurt, fruit and nuts – to address common nutritional gaps.

From the low GI Bircher muesli for breakfast to the apple crumble custard dessert, the recipes in the guide aim to satisfy sweet cravings and provide wholesome nourishment, said Nestlé Professional executive chef Elke Travers.

“These nutrient-rich meals look too good to resist, but they are simple to make,” said Ms Travers. “We tested each recipe to ensure it was quick and easy for chefs in aged care facilities to confidently cater to special dietary requests, without compromising on taste or nutrition.”

Main image: Strawberry mousse chia pudding – one of 15 recipes in the aged care low-GI menu guide

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