The Department of Health has developed a 30-minute online education course for care workers about protecting themselves and care recipients from infection with coronavirus.

The infection control training module “How to protect yourself and the people you are caring for from infection with COVID-19” was launched on Monday.

It targets workers across care sectors including aged care, health and disability.

The education covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19 including:

  • COVID-19 – what is it?
  • signs and symptoms
  • keeping safe – protecting yourself and others
  • myth busting.

The course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and includes a quiz at the end.

After completing the course, course participants should be able to:

  • understand the basics about the COVID-19 virus, including how it is spread
  • describe what you can do to protect yourself and others
  • know what to do if you develop symptoms
  • know what to do if the person you are caring for develops symptoms
  • tell the difference between myths and facts of COVID-19.

The department is encouraging providers across aged care, health and disability sectors to consider and share the link with care workers.

Register to participate in the training here.

Up-to-date information about coronavirus (COVID-19) is available on the department’s website.

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  1. Is this a scam? Training froze quickly first couple of minutes. I looked at the resources…social distancing.,,,it was a video making light and fun of handshakes…..nothing about social distancing at all.

  2. Hi Charlene,
    The Department of Health has confirmed the module is open to audiences across all care sectors,including health, disability, aged care and others.


  3. Hi
    I’m a diploma community services student and I’m trying to get work.
    Am I able to do the training and if so how do I get a username and password

  4. How does the industry plan to deal with the fact that aerosolised droplets remain in rooms for up to 3 hours? Effectively this means that any rooms where there are shared air-conditioning and return air vents and exhausts (bathrooms) can transmit from room to room regardless of the precedent set for “isolating” in rooms. It has also been found the viral particles are transmitted in faecal matter and this too can be aerosolised upon flushing the toilet and penetrate the exhaust vents.

  5. unable to download certificate, now unable to log back in, rang a phone number , told to email complaint, wont let me do that either.

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