New dementia resource for carers

Alzheimer’s Australia Vic’s Dementia Learning Online aims to support residential and community carers who play a key role in the lives of people living with dementia.


Alzheimer's Australia Vic's new resource
Alzheimer’s Australia Vic’s new resource

Alzheimer’s Australia Vic has launched its first online learning resource focusing on carer education.

An interactive learning environment, Dementia Learning Online aims to improve the practice of residential and community carers who play a key role in the lives of people living with dementia.

Maree McCabe, Alzheimer’s Australia Vic CEO, said the resource would go a long way to supporting and enhancing the quality of care provided to the estimated 320,000 people with dementia in Australia.

“This is a significant step by Alzheimer’s Australia Vic to ensure the increasing numbers of carers in Australia are well trained, better informed and best equipped to provide all people living with dementia the highest quality of care that they deserve,” Ms McCabe said.

She said that as the number of people with dementia is set to rapidly rise as Australia’s population ages, improving the quality of care through best practice training is imperative.

The online education resource features four modules that are designed to be user friendly, practical and can be completed in less than one hour. Themes focused on throughout the modules range from an introduction to dementia to expectations for service delivery, and enhancing communication skills to adopting effective strategies to help prevent or minimise the impact of behaviour.

Throughout the online modules, participants will be asked to think about and reflect on their practice, then answer a series of questions that will contribute to practice improvement in the workplace.

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