The digitally-interactive guide aims to provide a visual reminder about safe aged care work practices

A free digitally-interactive poster has been launched to support aged care workers to work safely and provide quality care.

The National Guide for Aged Care 2019/20 has been developed by health, safety and wellbeing guide publisher Pro-Visual Publishing in partnership with Leading Age Services Australia, Wounds Australia, Dementia Australia and Continence Foundation Australia.

The one-metre square poster aims to be a constant visual reminder to people working in aged care facilities about safe work practices.

The topics for this year’s guide include:

  • wound prevention and management
  • compulsory reporting guidelines
  • infection control
  • supporting people with dementia.

Staff can use any smart device to access additional information, videos and resources by scanning augmented reality capable content throughout the guide using the free Pro-Vis AR app.

The guide is available for free to aged care organisations and staff working in the sector.

Find out more and request a copy here.

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  1. Hello,

    I am a trainer & Assessor Training students to work in Aged Care, this would be a great resource to have for the students. Would it be possible to get one of the free digital- interactive posters to let our student see it and use it.

  2. If more money was spent on staffing instead of this nonsense older people would be much better off

  3. Have just put this up and downloaded the app. The dementia specific one is really good. It is easy to say that more trained staff are needed instead of this stuff but it is this stuff that allows us to get as much information out to our staff as possible. We are using interactive and E-learning more as a tool for training as it allows us to be training staff in a variety of ways, not just one on one or in groups which often means services being cancelled/moved to fit the training in or staff using their days off to come in for training. Interactive training tools such as this are also often free so allows for more staff to be trained without the cost of expensive outside training providers. The promotion of self development for staff is also a great way of allowing staff to develop themselves in the areas that they have the most interest in.

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