New guide to implementing clinical mentoring

A free clinical mentoring resource is available for community and residential aged care providers to use in training and workforce development .

Aged Care Clinical Mentor Model of ChangeA free clinical mentoring resource for community and residential aged care providers to use in training and workforce development has been launched by South Australian aged care provider Resthaven.

The guide, Aged Care Clinical Mentor Model of Change: Six Steps to Better Practice, aims to enable an aged care service to implement a sustainable clinical mentor workforce role and an aged care clinical mentor to implement a model of change to achieve best practice.

The six steps in the change model cover:

  1. Identifying the priority areas and related best practice
  2. Engaging stakeholders
  3. Developing an action plan for change
  4. Implementing the mentoring plan
  5. Evaluating the outcomes; and
  6. Sustaining the best practice changes.

The resource was developed as part of a Commonwealth-funded project under the Encouraging Better Practice in Aged Care (EBPAC) initiative, which aimed to improve aged care through education, training and leadership.

This $1.2 million project, which Resthaven managed in partnership with other aged care organisations and Flinders University, developed and trialled a clinical mentoring model in both community and residential aged care.

The guide aims to enable positive change to provide benefits to residents, clients, and staff of aged care services, said Wendy Morey, executive manager, workforce and governance at Resthaven.

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