The Lantern Project has produced a ‘social experiment’ video to highlight issues in aged care food

Aged care staff, residents, families and volunteers are being asked to share their experiences with food in residential aged care as part of a major project that aims to guide positive change in the sector.

The initiative from the Lantern Project, a collaboration of top chefs, leading nutrition experts and aged care providers, aims to highlight key areas of improvement for food and dining in residential aged care.

Cherie Hugo

Aged care dietitian Cherie Hugo, who is in the final stages of her PhD research into aged care nutrition, has produced a “social experiment video” that aims to “highlight a few current facts that we know can certainly change for the better with community input.”

“Bond University posted it to their Facebook site and it’s already been shared hundreds of times and has over 40,000 views,” Ms Hugo told Australian Ageing Agenda.

“My final research study for the PhD on behalf of The Lantern Project is asking for everyone’s aged care food memories – anyone who has visited, worked in or lived in an aged care home.”

The feedback will help support the research and guide future positive change in aged care nationwide, Ms Hugo said.

The video highlights small positive changes like making pureed food visually appealing

As AAA has reported, the Lantern Project was founded in 2014 and identified seven key objectives to create widespread industry change across the areas of research, advocacy and education to improve the quality of life of residents through food (read our story here).

The objectives include identifying the cost savings that can be made through good nutrition in aged care, advocating for changes to the Aged Care Funding Instrument and accreditation process, as well as increasing the sector’s bargaining power to purchase locally grown, high quality Australian produce.

The Lantern Project now has 450 members including aged care providers, peak bodies, researchers and resident advocates.

Click here to share your food story with The Lantern Project

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  1. I applaud you efforts to improve food in aged care, particularly the pureed diets. However, I disagree with the moulded concept. Moulded food by the fact it is cooked cooled and reheated introduces another layer of paperwork with temperature logs, increases workload with double handling, and the corresponding increase in labour cost. The food itself loses flavour, aroma and nutrients through the process. Fresh cook is always better.

  2. As a regular attendee at The Lantern Project, I am seeing the group come together as a collaborative harmonious collective, sharing successes and wins.

    This year we have great plans to disseminate useful information regarding aged care meals.

    We welcome new guests and contributors to attend the meeting on the Gold Coast, or dial in to have your say and listen to the conversation.

  3. Many thanks AAA for sharing the research link – I look forward to sharing the insights back to industry through The Lantern Project and the PhD publications. Thankyou @Jo Cleary – we value your involvement and absolutely welcome others to join the conversation through the collaboration. Warm regards, Cherie

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