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Alzheimer’s Australia NSW has launched a video resource on YouTube to help people living with dementia and their carers, while ANZ is the latest community services organisation to commit to giving its staff dementia awareness training as Alzheimer’s Australia Vic continues the rollout of Is it Dementia?

Ros and John Carnie being filmed for their part in You’re Not Alone, Discussing Dementia
Ros and John Carnie being filmed for their part in You’re Not Alone, Discussing Dementia

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW has launched a new free resource on YouTube to help people living with dementia and their carers.

You’re Not Alone, Discussing Dementia is a 10-part video series featuring people with dementia and carers, including McLeod’s Daughters actress Doris Younane, talking about their experiences.

The films also present expert advice from Alzheimer’s Australia NSW staff and Medical Advisor Professor Henry Brodaty about some of the most common issues facing people with dementia and their carers.

Ms Younane, who is an Ambassador for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW, said she shared her family’s experience of caring for their mother in the hope of combating the stigma of dementia and providing help and comfort to others in the same situation.

“It can be an overwhelming, daunting and distressing experience,” she said.

“But to know that others are going through the same thing and that there is help and support available is just a huge relief. And to learn from others who have been there before can be really valuable.”

The film series covers general information about dementia, help with getting a diagnosis, dealing with change, communication, younger onset dementia, information for Aboriginal communities, taking care of yourself and the range of supports available.

You’re Not Alone, Discussing Dementia was launched as part of Carers Week 2013, which ran from 13 – 19 October.

You can view the videos on Alzheimer’s Australia’s YouTube Channel.

Is it Dementia? rollout continues

Elsewhere, Alzheimer’s Australia Vic has continued its engagement with the community services sector with ANZ becoming the latest organisation to come on board in the next stage of the roll out of online education resource, Is it Dementia?

The series of 12 video scenarios targets community service industries including transport, emergency services, retail, fire, corrective services and banking and aims to assist staff in those industries to recognise the signs of dementia.

ANZ pledged last week that dementia awareness education would be introduced for ANZ staff in every branch across the country.

The NSW Taxi Council has already incorporated the resource into education for taxi drivers and all frontline staff in NSW transport services are set to get the training too.

Is it Dementia? was first launched in South Australia in May and aims to increase awareness among frontline staff of the challenges often experienced by people with dementia, including confusion and disorientation. It was developed by Alzheimer’s Australia with funding from the former Department of Health and Ageing.

For more information, go to: Is it Dementia?

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