Funds for veterans’ hub

RSL LifeCare secures final bid for a new community space.

New South Wales aged and community care provider RSL LifeCare will receive almost $5.5 million from the federal government to develop a veterans’ community hub in Queanbeyan.

In partnership with RSL NSW, RSL LifeCare has successfully completed the final stage of the bid for the new site – first announced last September – which is part of the government’s $46.7 million commitment to deliver 10 new veterans’ and families’ hubs across the country.

Janet Muir

“As an organisation, we are thrilled to have secured the bid and look forward to the opportunity to extend our full support to an even greater number of veterans and their families with the new hub,” said RSL LifeCare chief executive officer Janet Muir.

The community hub will ensure the more than 26,000 veterans in the region can access services and support such as employment and housing assistance, help with Department of Veteran Affairs claims, education and skills training, and income and finance advice.

“The significant consultation with the local veteran community in the development of the business case for this hub and ongoing engagement will ensure it is best set up to serve the local veteran community,” said Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Matt Keogh. 

Mick Bainbridge

Last year, RSL NSW sub-branches donated $3.3 million to RSL LifeCare to ensure veterans and their families have access to the community hubs. “RSL NSW is committed to supporting RSL LifeCare’s veterans’ and families’ hubs because we know they work,” said president Mick Bainbridge.

He added: “The expansion of the hubs in locations with significant defence and veteran communities is a strong step in the right direction to bolstering the support we deliver to Australian servicemen and women, and their families.”

The establishment of the Queanbeyan hub – which is due to open before June 2026 – will create a vital space that fosters the health and resilience of veterans said RSl LifeCare veteran services executive general manager David Anderson.

“We look forward to the positive impact this hub will have on the Queanbeyan community and the continued support it will provide to those who have bravely served our nation.”

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