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New South Wales and ACT aged care provider Presbyterian Aged Care has announced CEO Paul Sadler is stepping down at the end of March to pursue new career opportunities.

New South Wales and ACT aged care provider Presbyterian Aged Care has announced CEO Paul Sadler is stepping  down at the end of March to pursue new career opportunities.

Mr Sadler, who has been at the helm for 14 years, has led the organisation through significant improvement including overseeing $250 million in building projects and doubling the provider’s income.

He has also strengthened internal systems and promoted PAC’s profile and reputation in the aged care industry, PAC said.

Mr Sadler, who leaves the role to start an aged care consulting business, said he has mixed feelings about leaving the organisation.

“Presbyterian Aged Care has become very much my home for me in that sense. It’s always difficult to finish up something where you’ve invested such a large chunk of your life. But on the flip side, I’m looking forward to the new challenges as I move into a consultancy business,” Mr Sadler told Australian Ageing Agenda.

Now is the right time to leave and let someone else lead the organisation, he said.

“It was coming to the end of my current contract, and it was a case of do we renew, or do we take the opportunity on both sides to move to something new? And from my point of view, it’s a good time to head out and do something different in the sector,” he said.

Mr Sadler said one of his greatest achievements is the award-winning development of PAC’s $180 million aged care and retirement village the Terraces Paddington.

“It was a huge project which consumed pretty much the whole time I was at Presbyterian Aged Care,” he said.

“It’s a stunning building. I am very happy with the outcome of that,” he said.

He said he was also proud of helping to grow PAC’s home care programs and the development of its person-centred care model.

“We got a runner up on our person-centred care model in the ACSA New South Wales awards back in 2014, and while that’s not as high profile as the Terraces, it’s important because it’s about how we are treating older people and how we are trying to enable them. And it’s still a work in progress; I would never say that work is done.”

In his new role at Paul Sadler Consulting, Mr Sadler said he wanted to help the government and aged care providers create change.  

“I’m hopeful that I can continue to play a role in the sector in helping influence what that the new future might look like and also helping individual services prepare for the next round of change.”

PAC chairman and general manager of the Presbyterian Church of Australia Jeoffrey Falls thanked Mr Sadler for his contribution to the organisation.

“Paul will be leaving a proud legacy and one that positions PAC well in the aged care sector for the future,” Mr Falls said.

PAC said the search for a new CEO is underway.

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  1. I believe Paul supports vision and options in aged care, certainly passionate about his contributions. He may not know this but he has made a difference to me in indirectly supporting the service I offer to some PAC clients. Thank you for your support.

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