Spotlight on aged care leadership, smart technology

The next edition of Australian Ageing Agenda Magazine is looking into leadership development, smart technology and the clinical areas of wounds and continence.

Leadership is critical to the ongoing transformation of the aged care sector. But what makes a good leader?

Australian Ageing Agenda will look into this important area in the September-October AAA magazine. This includes speaking with industry experts about key areas including:

  • the current state of aged care leadership
  • the sector’s future leaders
  • how to improve outcomes for current, emerging and future leaders.

Operations: Smart technology

Technology is another key ingredient in the sector’s transformation. Do you have an aged care problem to solve or bottleneck to clear? Smart technology could be the answer.

Next issue we’ll speak with providers and experts about the latest smart technology that is helping or promises to assist aged care homes deliver better and more efficient services.

Frontline:  Continence & wound management

After being in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons at the aged care royal commission, both continence and wound care remain key areas of concern for the sector. But those in the know say there are proven ways to improve both of these areas of clinical care.

Next edition we’ll hear from clinicians and experts about the innovations and initiatives aiming to change the status quo.

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