Aged care demonstrators marching in Perth.

Hundreds of aged care leaders have marched through the streets of Perth in a bid to raise the sector’s profile.

Dressed in bright red t-shirts and bearing placards, the delegates from Aged and Community Services Australia’s (ACSA) national conference chanted slogans such as, ‘Unless we’re tough, aged care is stuffed’.

Led by a drumming band, the marchers stopped traffic and drew the attention of passers by before assembling in a park near the Esplanade.

ACSA President Klaus Zimmerman addressed the demonstrators who cheered and waved their placards.

“We did get up and stand up for aged care,” he said. “We now have to stand united and committed to get people talking and thinking about aged care.

“We need to get government to do it and we’ve got to do it.”

ACSA President Klaus Zimmerman addressing the crowd.

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