Wise words from aged care residents

Bupa has put together a book sharing advice and laugh experience from over 50 residents.

Be kind and always tell the truth – unless someone asks, “Does my bum look big in this?”

This is just some of the advice shared by more than 50 Bupa Care Services residents in a new book, released this month.

A joint initiative between Bupa Care Services and Carers Australia, Fine Lines is a celebration of the valuable experience and understanding acquired by older people over the course of their life.

The book contains tips, quotes and wisdom on a diverse range of topics including family, relationships, friendship and success.

Bupa Care Services’ director of care, Leanne Morton hopes the book will help to counteract negative perceptions of ageing and aged care.

“At times there’s a view that once you get into a nursing home, that’s it and you don’t add any more value to society,” she said.

“Having people share their stories and wisdom at the end of their life gives them a great feeling of value and worth.

“Aged care is not a last resot, it’s a natural choice at certain times of life.”

Among the book’s contributors is 73-year-old Carmel Fraser who lives at Bupa’s facility in Berwick, Victoria.

Carmel met the love of her life five years ago when she moved to the facility, marrying for the first time at 68 to 90-year-old resident, John Fraser.

Her advice? “Regard a crisis as an opportunity to move forward positively”.

The book can be downloaded from Bupa Care Services’ website and it is also being distributed by Carers Australia.

The group’s CEO, Joan Hughes said she was pleased to be involved with a project that highlighted the role of older people in society.

“I have heard some wonderful words of wisdom, words about patience and struggle, unconditional love, responsibility, acceptance, and living life to its fullest,” she said.

“I encourage people to share Fine Lines with their families and communities, so that they will appreciate that with age truly does come wisdom”, Joan said.

Click here to view the book online.

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