Apollo Care rolls out four Telstra Health apps

Apollo Care has partnered with Telstra Health to implement an integrated digital health solution across six facilities.

Residential aged care provider Apollo Care has partnered with Telstra Health to implement an integrated digital health solution across six facilities encompassing software to manage medications, assessments, care plans, admissions, funding and business processes.

The partners recently completed a one-month roll out of Telstra Health’s Medication Management, Clinical Manager, Resident Manager and CareKeeper applications at the six sites, which collectively house 500 aged care beds.

The solutions aim to support clinical governance by enabling standardisation and the implementation of Apollo Care’s customised assessment and care planning framework, improving efficiencies and enhancing the overall quality of care delivered.

Telstra Health’s CareKeeper App

Apollo Care chief governance officer Kylie Radburn highlighted the speedy rollout.

“With the support of the Telstra Health team, we have been able to implement solutions quickly across six of our facilities in only one month – which is a significant achievement,” she said.

The implementation also involved a tightly coupled rollout of Clinical Manager and CareKeeper so care staff could action care requirements from day one.

“We had a vision to put a mobile device in the hands of every care worker that gave them access to care information at the point and time of care. Our team are loving using the CareKeeper app,” Ms Radburn said.

Telstra Health senior implementation consultant Caroline Parker said together Clinical Manager and CareKeeper would support the provision of resident care, funding management and reporting at Apollo Care while providing clarity around care staff workloads.

“Apollo Care can now move forward with a high level of confidence in its care delivery, enabling older Australians to thrive,” she said.

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  1. These new Telstra Health apps by Apollo Care are a great addition to support the ageing population in Australia – offering convenient and user-friendly solutions for better healthcare management.

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