An Australian cloud-based workplace compliance system vendor has launched a standalone immunisation register that can help aged care organisations track individuals’ current vaccines and virus test results.

The workplace compliance system OnePassport targets highly regulated and fragmented industries that have a mobile or shift-based workforce.

Workers can use a free app to compile their work-related information and have aspects such as police checks independently verified to share with multiple third parties concurrently.

The system has an immunisation register, which launched as a standalone function in June.

New features added in the last fortnight include a reporting structure to track test results, known as serology, and online sign up.

OnePassport CEO Michael Maher said organisations can now sign up online to manage both the vaccinations and test results of staff and visitors to aged care facilities.

“When COVID started we separated the immunisation register function as we knew that suddenly many would now need to manage immunisations,” Mr Maher told Australian Ageing Agenda.

“With the rise in COVID cases in aged care, I wanted to promote the immunisation register to the industry.”

All people entering an aged care facility are required to have an up-to-date influenza vaccination under a Federal Government directive aimed at reducing residents’ risk of illness during the pandemic.

Aged care workers in COVID-19 hotspots are also being encouraged to have a test for coronavirus and the Federal Government recently launched five mobile testing teams to offer tests to residents and staff in Melbourne aged care facilities.

To access OnePassport Immunise, organisations have to pay a subscription based on the number of users starting from $299 a year. But the app is free for staff, volunteers, and family members to download.

The immunisation register allows workers and employers to see vaccinations for each individual and it sends automated reminders for re-vaccination where required.

Workers and other individuals can use the app to record details for vaccinations and test results and upload any related documentation.

They can then share this information with their employer or the aged care facility they want to visit, for example.

“Aged care organisations will be able to track information for their workers, volunteers and family members all through the same system,” Mr Maher said.

“It will provide aged care providers with a proper immunisation management system to support them in this difficult time.”

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