A workplace health service provider has launched an online program to help employers support staff wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.

The provider, Rehab Management, reports a 10 per cent increase in mental health claims across their Workers’ Compensation, CTP and Government agency clients as a primary or secondary condition since mid-Jan when coronavirus started to emerge.

Their new online program CheckInToday aims to help businesses support their employees’ physical and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program delivered by Rehab Management health professionals includes a suite of online services and health interventions designed to provide businesses with a holistic approach to supporting staff.

Rehab Management CEO Marcella Romero said they expected the increase in mental health claims to substantially rise further over the next six months and beyond.

“While employers may themselves feel helpless in this situation, CheckInToday is a simple but effective way to show they care,” Ms Romero said.

She said benefits of the program include early identification of mental health barriers or issues and increased engagement in return to work post quarantine.

CheckInToday uses evidence-based measures to identify trends and tailor a participant’s experience via a stepped process.

It also delivers deidentified data snapshots to employers to help them understand the wellbeing of their people.

The process starts with participants completing an online screening questionnaire after which results are sent to Rehab Management in real time to formulate a tailored program.

The program could cover a range of wellbeing support across physical, mental, social, health and lifestyle, work and study.

Participants are connected with Rehab Management health consultants through telephone or online platforms.

For example, they may be provided with psychological support, or a tailored physical exercise program, or coaching to set daily goals, Ms Romero said.

“CheckInToday is useful for employers to keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to their employees’ wellbeing and implement targeted interventions where necessary,” she said.

You can watch a video explaining the service here:

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