EvacMate is an electronic evacuation lockdown system that is designed to saves lives in the event of any form of emergency such as fire or terrorist attack.

Amongst the confusion and panic of such events time is always a critical factor in the saving of lives and property.

EvacMate uses a sophisticated combination of technologies to provide staff, occupants and emergency services with real- time information on the status of your emergency evacuation or lockdown.

Wardens simply tap a device to indicate whether a room is cleared or not, this information is transmitted wirelessly to give chief wardens, business owners and emergency services real-time information as to the clearing process helping to identify potential areas of concern.


The system will allow Emergency Services to locate your site immediately, plan more effectively and greatly improve the chances of life and property preservation.

“Marcel and I are determined to raise the bar in the area of emergency evacuations and lockdowns in Australia and with EvacMate we have a product that will assist in saving lives.” said co director Megan LeLievre.

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