2022 Aged Care Workforce Report

Join hundreds of aged care workers voicing their opinions on the future of aged care.

It’s time for the 2022 CompliSpace Aged Care Workforce Survey, building on their past two annual reports that gave operators a voice on new compliance requirements and an overview of the current climate of Aged Care.

To have a voice, with Government, regulators and influencers, quality data and simple messages are required.

Your voice and this workforce survey will deliver this data – with survey sections allowing you to make your own short, free-range contributions.

The 2022 Aged Care Workforce Report is independent of all interest groups and captures the direct experience of aged care workers and decision makers across Australia.

Invest 5 minutes and have a voice with the hundreds of aged care workers who have already taken the survey.

The 2022 edition of the report will be released in July and will be available to you. Please share your experience and views to add to the report’s integrity and strength.

The survey is anonymous unless you wish to be identified.

It takes 5 minutes. Please click 2022 Aged Care Workforce Survey now.

Who is CompliSpace?

CompliSpace is a leading SaaS provider that helps high impact organisations in highly regulated industries meet their governance, risk and compliance obligations. This allows our customers to focus on providing the highest quality of service and care for those they serve.  Our CompliCare solution supports thousands of Aged Care workers every day. Learn more HERE.

Published by CompliSpace, Aged Care Essentials (ACE) is a free weekly online publication focused on helping Aged Care Providers understand their ever-changing and ever-increasing regulatory and compliance obligations.

If you haven’t, please take the survey HERE.

Thank you. Results will be published in July.


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