Be future ready with the upcoming aged care reforms

As aged care in Australia faces regulatory changes, software systems must adapt and drive the change.

As the aged care industry in Australia prepares for significant regulatory changes over the next 36 months, providers must adapt swiftly to ensure compliance and the delivery of high-quality care, writes Arthur Shih.

Humanetix ACE, an intelligent care delivery platform, is designed to empower aged care providers to navigate these changes seamlessly.

Arthur Shih

We are happy to guarantee that the ACE platform will be up to date with all the required regulatory changes that impact aged care organisations.

Here, I walk you through the most important changes and identify the importance of having a future-ready solution that enables quality care while complying with the upcoming reforms announced by the government.

Embracing mandatory care time requirements

Our solution simplifies compliance with new regulations, ensuring a minimum of 200 daily care minutes per recipient, including 40 minutes from registered nurses. Humanetix ACE empowers efficient care time management, real-time performance monitoring, and intelligent scheduling.

For our residential aged care customers, our AN-ACC Dashboard also tracks the ‘target care minutes’ to provide real-time visibility into care minutes allocation, allowing you to effortlessly monitor and ensure that each resident receives the appropriate level of care, enhancing their well-being and satisfaction.

Adapting to revised aged care quality standards

The revised Aged Care Quality Standards aim to elevate the quality of care provided to older Australians, and Humanetix ACE aligns seamlessly with these standards, offering comprehensive tools for documentation, care planning, and incident management. Our platform enables care teams to capture and track essential data, ensuring compliance with the new standards while enhancing transparency, accountability, and recipient-centric care.

Streamlining governance requirements

To meet the new governance requirements, aged care providers need robust systems in place to manage their operations effectively. Humanetix ACE offers a suite of governance tools, including reporting dashboards, analytics, and compliance tracking features. By leveraging our capabilities, providers can streamline governance processes, monitor performance indicators, and proactively address any gaps to ensure compliance and optimise organisational performance.

Leveraging star ratings and quality indicators

The introduction of Star Ratings for Residential Aged Care and the expansion of the National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program highlight the government’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Our platform is designed to facilitate the collection and analysis of data necessary for these initiatives, allowing providers to measure their performance against national benchmarks and identify areas for improvement. With our actionable insights, providers can enhance their service delivery, drive continuous quality improvement, and increase your strategy to achieve higher ratings.

Integrating with government provider management system

Humanetix ACE is currently working on the integration with the Government Provider Management System (GPMS) to ensure seamless information exchange and compliance with reporting requirements. Our platform’s interoperability enables smooth data transmission, reducing administrative burden and ensuring accurate and timely reporting to regulatory bodies.

An intelligent care delivery platform like no other

Humanetix is the only Australian care platform that is globally-unique and that has been independently proven to save time, improve government reporting efficiencies, and, most importantly, deliver better care outcomes for aged care recipients.

In a study conducted by the University of Canberra, published by Wiley Journal of Clinical Nursing, ACE represents a significant leap forward in the realm of electronic health records, surpassing previous iterations in terms of both quality and completeness of documentation. Unlike earlier electronic-based records that exhibited improved process and structure but lacked the accuracy and completeness of their paper-based counterparts, ACE bridges this gap.

“Previous research found that while electronic health records reported better process and documentation structure due to ease of use and omission of illegible handwriting, paper-based records provided more complete and accurate documentation.

By contrast, ACE has shown to improve both the quality of documentation and the completeness of the records.”

Source: Wiley Online Library, Journal of Clinical Nursing

Be future ready with ACE – guaranteed

ACE is designed from the ground up to be the most flexible platform on the market, and with our unique patented technology we are able to respond to new regulatory requirements as soon as the government announces them. In fact, we are so confident in our ability, that we can generally guarantee that every customer will be immediately compliant with any regulatory requirement the government will roll out over the next 36 months.

If your current platform can’t do that, then it’s time to discover Humanetix to ensure compliance for your aged care facility. Take a step forward by requesting a FREE demo today.

Arthur Shih is a Harvard Business School Alumnus with 15+ years of experience in commercialising technology in NZ, Australia, US, UK, and Europe, with a strong focus on taking a product led approach to building businesses. He previously established businesses in the US and UK, growing from 0 to 10M annual revenues in 3 years, cloud business in AU and NZ that is now a 100M ARR business.

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