Coming soon – your wellness and reablement roadmap

Assisting you to navigate your progress along the wellness and reablement journey.

At KeepAble, we understand implementing change in a community aged care organisation is a frequent practice, and the planning, communicating, and executing of change takes abundant amounts of time and energy.

When undertaking the journey to successfully embed a culture of wellness and reablement in your organisation, it is essential to apply determination and a belief in the approach by all parts of the business. It may result in the largest transformation undertaken by your organisation, but the benefits for the consumer, their family and the workforce will outweigh any of the difficulties experienced along the way.

Let us lessen some of the load. At KeepAble, we have developed an online roadmap to assist you on your way. It will provide you with a crash course on wellness and reablement, help you acknowledge how far you have come, and identify an itinerary to support your progress for the rest of the journey.

At KeepAble we have developed an online roadmap to help you on your way

We have enhanced the information and markers identified in the ACSA Wellness and Reablement Roadmap 2018 by presenting a comprehensive summary of the business culture and practices required to get you to your destination. Along the way, we offer information and resources to get you to your next ‘pit stop.’

The new KeepAble Roadmap is almost here

No matter where you are on your journey, the wellness and reablement roadmap will assist you to identify a starting point. For those organisations that may have taken a wrong turn, or come to a dead end, it will get you back on the right track. If you are nearing the end of your journey, it may help you get there sooner. Looking back on how far you have come will give all involved a sense of achievement.

For organisations who successfully reach their wellness and reablement destination, the roadmap will help you align with delivering support services which meet the Aged Care Quality Standards. Doing so will ensure the client is at the centre of all decisions and actions.

So, gather your road trip team, start your planning, release the brake, and of course make sure you have selected people from all parts and levels of the organisation, including consumers. Before you start, equip the team by creating a shared understanding of the intent and destination of the journey.

Ensure all involved can assist you with the driving throughout the journey, preparing them with the necessary knowledge and understanding of why the embedding of wellness and reablement in service delivery is simply the right thing to do. Recognising, it is the only destination for service providers of choice, for the people who want to realise their optimum level of autonomy and independence.

If you wish to be notified of the release of the KeepAble roadmap visit the KeepAble hub today and register on the ‘Count Me In’.

iLA is a Western Australian not-for-profit organisation with a focus on individualized assessment, peer navigation, and community and sector capacity-building initiatives.

KeepAble was created by iLA’s Sector Support & Development (SSD) team and is one of a range of activities that the team undertakes through SSD funding from the Australian Government, Department of Health, Commonwealth Home Support Programme.