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Person Centred Software, a market-leading global technology company and developer of an app-based Clinical Care Planning System, provides aged care homes with the tools they need to help them achieve outstanding levels of care. Its Clinical Care System allows aged care staff to digitally plan, record and monitor residents’ care in real-time as it is given.

Widely used throughout the industry and developed with over 20 years of experience in residential aged care, the Clinical Care Management System helps aged care homes to evidence care at the point of delivery, making the process faster, more efficient and more accurate, as well as ensuring residential aged care organisations meet the recent funding requirements of AN-ACC.

Person Centred Software (PCS) strives to improve the quality of life for residents and staff by offering a wide range of easy-to-use products. For that reason, they have exclusively partnered with Centrim Life, an operations management & community engagement tool that aims to streamline both aged care and retirement living organisations’ operations.

Centrim Life adds value for residential aged care and retirement living staff, management, residents and families by comprehensively simplifying communications, lifestyle and wellbeing activities management, dining, newsletters and more under one centralised platform.

The app-based software has a complete module suite that providers can choose from depending on their organisations’ needs. Some of the most popular modules that providers love are the Lifestyle Management, Communications Management, Maintenance & Asset Management and Feedback & Quality Management modules. Check out all the Centrim Life modules here. For aged care providers, Centrim Life is able to integrate not only with the PCS Clinical Care System but also with the provider’s clinical care management system of their choice, creating an integrated ecosystem of care in their organisation.

There are plenty of benefits for staff and residents when implementing operations management software like Centrim Life. Staff are less stressed as they are able to manage all their operations digitally and in one place. There is improved transparency for the management team as they have all the information they need in real-time and in the palm of their hand. The safe and secure solution allows staff to easily view and store important documentation for audits and compliance checks. Residents are also happier due to feeling part of a community and are able to take control of their lives wherever they are in the home.

Tania Kelly, General Manager of Retirement Living at Kalyra said:

“Previously, we didn’t have a central system or “source of truth” for resident records and information related to our properties. We needed a solution like Centrim Life that allowed us to simplify our processes by storing data in one centralised system. Centrim Life is now the repository for all data and information relating to our retirement village operations.

We can now view and access everything, including our reports, in real-time via the Centrim Life dashboard or the mobile app, which was a huge incentive for us!”

Ada Cheng, CEO of Australian Nursing Home Foundation said:

“Centrim is about allowing our residents to take control of their life at the nursing home. Our residents are able to open an app and easily request meals, maintenance and repairs and find out what activities have been planned for them etc. Centrim Life will also be great for activities; residents want to enjoy life and know what has been planned for their day.”

Find out more about the benefits and why Kalyra, and Australian Nursing Home Foundation and many other providers chose to implement innovative technologies like Centrim Life here.

At PCS, we aim to provide only the best quality of life to all residents and make aged care and retirement living staff’s lives easier. Staff using monitoring and management tools like Centrim Life is a great way to help achieve this goal.

If you would like to find out more about how Centrim Life can support your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact the team here.

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