Engaging residents with premium entertainment

One way of maintaining the wellbeing of people living in a residential aged care facility is to offer them meaningful entertainment and stimulation.

One way of maintaining the wellbeing of people living in a residential aged care facility is to offer them meaningful entertainment and stimulation.

Recent surveys highlight the importance of providing premium television content for aged care residents – not only is it a source of quality entertainment, but it also helps improve quality of life.

According to viewing data from the National Subscription Panel, people aged 80-plus watch an average of 37 hours of television a week. The statistic makes it clear that television still plays a large part in the lives of Australian seniors.

For many older Australians, television remains their primary platform of entertainment. It offers an important connection to the outside world – and keeps them informed and engaged.  

The same data revealed that among the 80-plus group, 73 per cent of viewing during off-peak hours – 2am-5am – was via subscription television.

Rather than rely on free-to-air channels, older Australians are turning to subscription-based services such as Foxtel – services that offer a wider variety of content and channels around-the-clock.

Source: National Subscription Panel/Australian Research Online

Furthermore, a survey of aged care homes conducted by Australian Research Online found that – among those residents who watch Foxtel – 84 per cent said not having access to it would have an impact on their daily lives. This emphasises the emotional and psychological importance premium television has on residents’ lives.

Indeed, it can help alleviate isolation, boredom and depression – common conditions that often accompany old age and institutionalised living. 

Providing aged care residents with access to premium television – such as Foxtel – should not be viewed as an indulgence, but rather a vital element that helps maintain quality of life and wellbeing. 

With around-the-clock programming – including plenty of TV shows, movies, live sport, documentaries, and more – Foxtel offers something to suit everybody’s taste.

“Our Foxtel package contains a huge amount of channels that cover all genres and cater to every taste – whether it’s the old classics such as Murder, She Wrote and Hogan’s Heroes or documentaries that can help promote conversation with other residents,” said Tom Enright, national manager – health & corporate.

Whatever the program or genre, residents will be able to tap into the On Demand Foxtel library containing more than 20,000 hours of movies and entertainment – meaning they will never be short of something to watch.  

“Many residents had Foxtel prior to moving to an aged care facility,” said Mr Enright, “so having Foxtel available to them now ensures they have continued access to an entertainment platform they’re familiar with and have enjoyed for so long.”

Help keep your residents engaged and informed with premium entertainment from Foxtel. Call 1300 659 466 or visit Foxtel.com.au/biqh